Cavity Free at Three

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Early Childhood Caries

Implementing oral health services for children and/or pregnant people is the standard of care and is directly connected to the health and well-being of your patients. However, it also makes good business sense and can be a sustainable part of your practice.

Early Childhood Caries is the number one chronic disease in childhood and yet, caries are preventable.

Untreated tooth decay can negatively affect academic performance, nutrition intake, speech, self-esteem, and sleep. It can also lead to higher emergency department admissions, missed days of school and work, hospitalizations, and even death.

As medical and dental professionals, we can include efficient, research-based services proven to decrease disease in the patients we serve.

Evidence shows that children who receive four or more fluoride varnish applications at a medical visit by age three have significant reductions in Early Childhood Caries.