Community Partners

Community-based organizations and local public health agencies are essential in addressing oral health on a local level through integration of services, education, programming, and advocacy about the importance of preventive and regular oral care.

Oral Health

Good oral health is essential because it effects an individual’s overall health throughout life. Good oral health practices can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, chronic pain, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, immune system disorders, and oral cancer.

All Coloradans should have a fair opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Some families live without the benefit of protective services like community water fluoridation or do not receive preventive care such as dental sealants. Many communities do not have basic oral health services available locally or do not have practitioners willing to accept public insurance. Health inequities are magnified when people lack access to oral health care. Read about ways to get involved below and check back regularly as our statewide plan moves to implementation.