Our Audiences

This site was created for many different types of partners and people who want to get involved with oral public health in Coloardo. Though many of the pages are helpful for anyone who wants to get involved, we have programs and initiatives that are good to start exploring, depending on what programs you may be interested in. We created pages to highlight content most relevant to some of our audiences, check them out below!

Community Partners

Community-based organizations and local public health agencies are essential in addressing oral health on a local level through integration of services, education, programming, and advocacy about the importance of preventive and regular oral care.


Community partners


Health care practitioners have an important role in fostering good oral health, which is essential to the overall health of all people. Preventive practices in oral health care are essential in ensuring that people can be as healthy as possible. Find resources for your clinic, view information about integrating oral health programming or education in your clinic, and identify programs and partners working on medical-dental integration.

Oral Health Network Partners

Partnering with organizations to leverage resources and take collective action is critical to advance oral health equity. See information about oral public health initiatives aiming to impact inequities in oral health, get involved in the oral health coalition, and connect with the Oral Health Unit to form partnerships for collective impact.

My Oral Health

Good oral health is essential to you and your family because it affects an individual’s overall health throughout life. See resources for you and your family to help keep your mouths healthy.