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Colorado Oral Health Strategies Framework

Read the shared vision, goals, and strategies identified by community, state, and local partners in the Framework to Advance Oral Health Equity in Colorado on the Oral Health Strategies page. Join the collective impact efforts through forming partnerships, leveraging shared resources, and/or becoming involved.

Oral Health Surveillance Survey!

The Oral Health Unit (OHU) within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) wants to hear from you! Please take this short 10 minute survey to help us improve access and dissemination of Oral Health Surveillance data in Colorado.

Good oral health is more than teeth without cavities.

Good oral health is the foundation of overall health and is essential to the basic biological functions of chewing, swallowing, speaking, and smiling. Oral health is associated with pregnancy health, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease outcomes. Periodontal disease is linked to pneumonia and other respiratory complications. Cavities remain the number one chronic disease in children, with potential developmental, economic, and social ramifications.

This website is aimed to help connect health practitioners, public health partners, and the community to information, resources, collective efforts in oral health, technical assistance, guidelines, and more. By establishing partnerships on oral health initiatives across the state, we can more effectively address oral health and the social determinants of oral health.

Community Partners

Resources for community organizations, local public health agencies, and local oral health champions. See featured information about oral health initiatives being planned or implemented in Colorado communities, and find information on how to get involved with the oral health coalition.

Health Care Practitioners & Clinics

Resources for health care practitioners. Find resources for your clinic, view information about integrating oral health programming or education in your clinic, and identify programs and partners working on medical-dental integration.

Oral Health Network Partners

Resources for oral health network partners. See information about oral public health initiatives aiming to impact inequities in oral health, get involved in the oral health coalition, and connect with the Oral Health Unit to form partnerships for collective impact.

My Oral Health

Resources for all Coloradans. Find information on oral health to for you and your family to help keep your mouths healthy.